"I started out with a list of about 6 different cars, Brent was great in helping me decide which might work best for my budget and lifestyle. Not only did he find me the exact car that I wanted and get me a great price, he was able to get $2,500 more than what the dealership offered for my trade-in by selling it to a private buyer. The vehicle was just what I needed and Brent was great with negotiating with the dealership. He was very accommodating to ensure that I was completely comfortable in my purchase and very thorough with all of the details and paperwork.  I would gladly do business with Brent again and I'll recommend him to anyone that is looking to sell or purchase a vehicle."


-Zack Wheeler

New York Mets 2018


Hey Brent, just filled the tank. Getting 1st wash, very excited boys.


As a single mom attempting to buy my teenagers their first car I had experienced the dreaded used car dealer run around including bait and switch tactics, outrageous dealer fees and complete lies about vehicle history and conditions. I had exhausted a 20 mile radius of dealers and private sellers until I finally did a Yelp search of dependable used cars in Kennesaw. I was "done" with doing this on my own!


I needed help from someone honest about the vehicle no matter the flaws it might have. I needed someone I could trust and not just out to make a sale. Brent spent time listening to my concerns and needs for a safe, reliable and budget friendly vehicle. Brent gave me several options within my budget, he communicated every step of the way, he was extremely honest and earned my trust. I learned so much about transmissions, safety features, belts/chains and how to use a cars history as a tool when looking at the overall quality of a car. We went back and forth on several vehicles and test drives that ultimately defined what was a requirement for me and what I could live with. I walked away from several vehicles but never gave up hope with this team.


I commend Tim and Tracey for their boots on the ground approach in operating the local office. They put in more time with me, rain and shine, then any saleman on any lot. What a great team to work along side.


I was able to purchase a car that ticked all the boxes of my requirements. I have called Brent even after our sale closed with questions. He has freely given his recommendations for other trustworthy car service industry people AKA his hook ups.


Brent is a man of his word. I never felt pressured to purchase and never experienced the used car run around like I had at the beginning of my search. Trust his word and trust the process, he is a rare gem in the car industry and I highly recommend his services, you will see why he is 5 stars!


~ Megan H.


I want to say thank you to Brent at the guys for helping me get my car they went above

And beyond to help me. They are a blessing from God for me.

they are the best most polite, most respectable men I've ever met. They are true to their word.

The car that I bought from them is an amazing beautiful car love it, love it, love it. Couldn't ask for anything better. like I said Brent is an angel from above and I just thank him and thank the guys and thank God for this tremendous blessing that I was given. Thank you guys.


If anybody is looking for a car I suggest you go through Brent and his guys, they are amazing!




"My husband and I have been looking for a specific car for months. We knew what kind we wanted, what price range and what mileage we wanted to stay under. We thought for sure we found the car we wanted to get from a specific dealership until Brent and his company popped up right at the perfect time. We didn't know much about him or his company and we were a little skeptical until we met him and looked at the car. He was amazing to our family and even brought the car to us. He was NOT pushy like all the other salesmen we met at other dealerships and he even wanted us to wait and think things over even though we told him we were in love with the car. This showed us how truly honorable and trustworthy he was. He made it easy for me to sell my car and he gave me a great price for it. He made the whole process extremely easy and we had our new car within the week.   He was so great to even bring our kids wireless headphones for the car a week later just as a thank you! Brent made car shopping stress free and enjoyable. He was always willing to come to us when we met and he was always completely honest with us with any details we asked him about the car. My family is already talking about using him to get my husband a new truck soon. If you are in need of a car Brent and his team will make sure you are set up with exactly what you need. Everything through this process was truly amazing. I would recommend Brent and his team to anyone interested in buying a car for a great price. Thanks Brent for everything you did for my family."


"My husband and I had looked at so many trucks, I had given up. One popped up on my Facebook and I thought, okay, we'll look at one more. From the very first message I sent Brent to the last, he was very professional and honest. He made the nightmare of trying to find the right truck for us completely easy and carefree. We will definitely be going to him in the future and referring ALL of our friends to him. He is a great business man and a joy to interact with.


Thank you again!!"


-Jessica and David


"Solid car!! I just bought a 2005 g35 Xfinity from Brent Kinney and I couldn't be more happy! Brent made the car buying experience quite easy and I found him to be a very honest trust worthy man who keeps his word! My new car is exactly what he said it would be, awesome! Thank you Brent for making all of this easy and walking me through any questions I had! I will definitely be buying cars for my boys from here as well as telling anyone I know looking for a great used car, they can trust Brent Kinney as he will not steer you wrong!!


Thank you again Brent."



"Brent made the car buying process simple and painless.  I now have a beautiful and reliable truck.  Thanks, Brent!



"I had been saving up money to purchase a car for about a year now, going from dealer to dealer, website to website with no luck on finding a car I could put my trust into purchasing. That was until my mom put me into contact with Brent about the 2008 Camry. After talking with him for a short bit I came to realize that this car is going to be as safe of a purchase as a car could be. There even was a couple things I would like to add to the car that Brent said his people could install for a low price! I would recommend everybody to reach out to Brent to purchase any car,


 thanks a ton! "


"Brent was easy to deal with from beginning to end.  It was a pleasure dealing with him.  I'll be referring my family and friends"


"Brent was very professional and pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing a good used dependable vehicle. He was always proactive in providing me with clear and thorough information and ensuring that I was completely comfortable with his answers. When clarification was needed, Brent always responded patiently and clearly. I felt comfortable calling ,emailing and messaging Brent with any questions, and he always replied in a quick and timely manner. Because of this, I traveled all the way to Georgia to purchase a 2003 Tahoe that I needed for my business, blindly trusting and believing Brent. He didn't let me down!!!! Thank you Brent for being the best at what you do . I wish you continued success and will send family and friends your way when they find themselves in need of a good used dependable car.



Thank you again for making the process not feel like a cold business transition, but more like a new friend trying to help a friend with something reliable, and doing what he could to make it happen. ❤ YOU ROCK!



-Christy & Alfredo


"I'm glad I got to buy my truck from Brent. He made the process as smooth and easy as possible. I'd ask him questions early in the morning and late at night and he was always quick to respond and very friendly. He's extremely honest and let me know everything about the truck and gave me helpful tips along the way. He sells only the best cars and I'm extremely happy with the truck. I'd recommend him 100% and when I'm in the market for a new truck he's going to be the first person I call."




I called and spoke with Brent on a Saturday afternoon. I was inquiring on a 2005 Toyota Corolla, Brent informed me that he had the vehicle, however he gave his word to a lady that he would hold it for her until she got back in town. I told Brent I would come right then and purchase the vehicle, but he re iterated to me that he gave his word to the woman, and he had to honor it. He then told me, if she didn't show up for there appointment on Monday morning, he would call me first. On Sunday night my phone rang and it was Brent. He informed me that the women that was buying the vehicle had told him something came up and she wouldn't be able to come up with all the money right then. I told Brent I would be there the next day. When I got there the vehicle was exactly how he described it and I was so pleased that he kept his word, and called me like he said he would. "very professional, hand-picked cars and a smooth buying process. Highly recommend!"


Thanks Ed

Brent and Tim really came through! Absolutely dependable, trustworthy, and made the experience of me getting my very first car, way more seamless than I thought. I definitely recommend!!


- Keimonte Spates

When I first was looking for a car, I was having a very difficult time finding one that was nice or that was not a disguised piece of junk. When I came across the Acura that Brent had listed, the description was very detailed and the car looked Great! When I showed up to look at the car, it looked even better in person than the actual pictures!!!  I test drove it and it was AMAZING. The best part of this sale was Brent and his Co-workers. They were very honest and trustworthy people to work with. Definitely would buy another car from them...and I suggest you do to!!!!




Brent was so very helpful & patient through the whole process.  He was very up front with everything. The entire process of buying the car was a breeze!

I was not having a good month, my car was totaled buy a tree during a storm. The last thing I wanted to do is look for a vehicle.

I thought I knew what I wanted but to find it and at a price I could live with. I was looking for that specific vehicle and came across one on marketplace Facebook. I reached out and was immediately greeted by Brent. Brent was great, we spoke on the phone he was professional and honest. Brent was very knowledgeable with all of my questions. Just a regular guy, not pushy at all. I went to see the vehicle and fell in love with it immediately. It is everything that Brent said it would be.


I cannot fully express my happiness with the whole process . I worked with Tracy and Tim to finalize my purchase. I was very comfortable with this whole process, which was made that way by the three gentlemen I encountered. A great big Thank you to all of them! I would recommend anyone that is looking for a very nice used solid vehicle at a fair price to contact Brent.



I was in the market for a truck to pull my boat. I ran across Brent's ad on craigslist, I called the number in the ad and spoke with Brent. Brent was very forthcoming and answered all of my questions. I called him several times that night asking him all kinds of questions. Brent answered all my questions and put my worries to ease. I told Brent that after I looked at the truck the next day, if we made a deal I would take him to lunch. Brent said that he had a better idea, he would meet me for lunch with the truck and buy me lunch, regardless if I bought the truck or not. I met Brent the next afternoon at a restaurant in Kennesaw, drove the truck and had a wonderful lunch with Brent. We went back to Brent's office after lunch, to finalize the paperwork. It was there where I met Tim and Tracy, couldn't have met 3 better guys, that where all so honest and trustworthy during this process. I am a 73 year old man, that never felt rushed or pushed into making a decision. Brent and Tim even followed me back to my house across town to deliver the truck to my driveway. Thank you Brent, for being such a great young man.




What a painless and stress free experience! Absolutely a pleasure to work with a straightforward and honest team. Being that I just returned from living overseas for the past five years, I was in need of a dependable truck. I spoke with Brent on the phone IRT this 2010 Tundra and he assured me it was not only dependable , but very clean and well maintained. He adjusted his schedule to meet my crazy timeline without hesitation and made it a very comfortable meeting. After looking the truck over and driving it for about 10-15 min, it was evident that Brent’s word and reputation held true. Owning this truck for less than a week now, I have put ~ 2,000 miles (city & highway) on this truck and it has done nothing but impress! I will definitely recommend Brent and his team to anyone looking for an honest, no hassle, upfront deal. Thanks Brent and look forward to working with you in the future!



BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!!! These guys are awesome ! After car shopping for just a few days , I was already seeing just how difficult the process for buying a decent car at a good price can be. These gentlemen make it totally convenient and fun experience. Within minutes of my wife responding to the listing , Brent called me and discussed the car. Within an hour after that , 630 on a Saturday evening by the way , Tracy met with us for a test drive. The car was EXACTLY as described and an honest price so , within another 30 min we were buying . They handled all of the paperwork there. It seemed almost too good to be true , but it wasn't at all. Simply one of those few moments in life that just worked out so perfect.

My wife just loves the car and so do I

Probably the best vehicle purchase I have ever made !

We will definitely come back again !

Thank you so much guys !